Mark Cerrone was hired to update the tourist location with new surfacing, railings, landscaping and site amenities. New pavement was laid on the walkway, solid steel railings were put along the edge of the island – complete with footers poured into bedrock – and new greenery was planted to give a natural look to the island. Limestone boulders from a local quarry were cut using a 64-inch-diameter saw attachment on a Komatsu 228 excavator. The boulders were cut and aligned offsite before being transported and placed on the island to contain the landscaped areas. The project began August 2012 and Mark Cerrone finished Luna Island less than one year later on June 8. The project, sitting atop of Niagara Falls with millions of gallons of water pouring over the edge every minute, presented MCI with numerous challenges. Before work began on the island, safety precautions were set into play and all personnel were required to take safety orientation classes. While railings were down, no one was allowed on the island alone and all personnel performing work within 15 feet of the water’s edge were required to be tied off with rope.

Project Details

  • 100% Complete
  • Commissioned by NYS Parks and Recreation.
  • $1,079,000.00 Cost of Project
  • We restored Luna Island part of Niagara Falls State Park, adding two new landscaping beds that feature massive quarried and cut boulders which were fit precisely next to one another and accented with cut bench seating. This project also included a new railing system along with paving stones which kept consistent with the design principles utilized by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted in his original vision for the park.