Project Manager: Chris Ganje

Project Value: $26 Million

The Delaware, Lackawanna and Western (DL&W) Trainshed along the waterfront in the city of Buffalo will now serve the NFTA-Metro Rail as storage and repair yard. The redevelopment of the trainshed will be a new commercial activity center enhancing public access to some of the region’s most popular attractions in the Canalside and Cobblestone districts.

This project includes the reconstruction of the NFTA rail yard and Main Street track bed for future revenue service into the trainshed for passengers. Currently passengers exit the train prior to the DL&W yard. Once this and future projects are completed passengers will be able to ride the train to the platform and exit to the backside of the Key Bank Center.

Mark Cerrone, Inc. provided the reconstruction of the NFTA rail yard and Main Street track bed, installation of two double crossovers with associated catenary work and pre-cast concrete track bed and installing the foundation for a new pedestrian platform in the DL&W Station along with a concrete track slab with direct fixation fasteners for the rail. Openings were made in the second floor at the new platform area for future development. It also includes installation of drainage systems, waterline, electrical structures and conduit, sidewalks, asphalt pavement and granite curbing. Additional upgrades to lighting, signals and the train control system were needed.