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Safety & Quality First

    It's not just the slogan that appears on our letterhead, trucks and equipment. It’s an essential part of our business philosophy. Mark Cerrone, Inc. is committed to providing the safest possible workplace for our employees, subcontractors, clients and the people who live and work in our communities and near our jobsites.
    Our management team, in cooperation with our employees and subcontractors, strives to create a culture of safety by not only meeting Federal, State and local standards but by exceeding them with company standards. Mark Cerrone Inc.’s Health & Safety program provides essential training to all of our employees at every level and a sense of awareness and a culture of “safety first” in a competitive and challenging industry.
    As General Contractors, we offer our clients complete construction management solutions. Our services range from project planning, analysis, budgeting to management and implementation. Our team provides the highest caliber of quality construction services, an excellent safety record and affordable solutions to meet all of your construction needs. From demolition through landscaping, Mark Cerrone Inc. is your complete solutions contractor.